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The Operis Analysis Kit is a sophisticated software package that aids spreadsheet users in the development and review of complex financial models.

For over 17 years the Operis Analysis Kit, or OAK, has been a vital aid to spreadsheet users, used by almost all of the large accounting practices and major financial institutions around the world.

It is extensively used by the Operis modelling team and recognised as the industry standard in Excel modelling and auditing software.

OAK is now available under two versions:

OAK Essentials – This edition makes available the four key functions of OAK in a simple, affordable package.

– Summarize – Generates reports on the model’s complexity as well as modelling risk factors.
– Map – Provides a visual representation of the model’s formula consistency.
– Search – Locates cells with specific attributes.
– Compare – Indicates what has changed from one version to another of a workbook/worksheet/range.

OAK Professional – In addition to the four Essentials tools, the full edition of OAK provides another 28 advanced functions.

You can download and install OAK on a computer to trial for FREE for 30-days in its full unrestricted version.

We’re proud to bring you the Operis Analysis Kit: we think you’ll be impressed.

What is OAK?

OAK has been a vital aid to Excel users for over 17 years. Designed to extend the capability of Excel for users of complex spreadsheets, OAK is particularly helpful in the development and review of large financial models. Once installed, Excel will display one additional tab on the top ribbon for the Essentials version and two tabs on the Professional version. These are comprising the OAK tools:

Some of the popular main features

A varied selection of OAK users


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