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Financial Model Auditing

Over the last 25 years Operis has established itself as the market leading model auditor working across a wide range of sectors and territories.

Our highly skilled and respected team use their skills and experiences to deconstruct and analyse complex financial models. From that, we provide our clients with meaningful reports, focusing on materiality and commerciality, highlighting problems that could affect the transaction and most importantly, its bankability.

The key consideration is always the bigger picture, and our continued success in providing comprehensive support and expertise ensures clients return to the Operis team to get their deals completed successfully.

We firmly believe that we uncover more issues in financial models than anyone else, and back that up with some of the highest cover available.

Reasons to have your model audited by Operis

Unmatched auditing experience

Operis has the largest track record of any independent model auditor

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What we need to get to work

  1. Understanding the project

    What does the underlying transaction represent? Where is it located and what is the sector?

  2. Determining the scope of work

    Reviews can differ subject to the purpose of the audit. Our scope of work document will assist you in determining the precise scope of work required.

  3. What is the timetable?

    Is the completion deadline urgent or is it months ahead?

  4. The financial model

    Sharing a draft of the financial model, or at least a description of its key features, will assist us in understanding the true size and complexity of your transaction and offering our most competitive fee.


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