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Tax and Accounting Services

Your Tax and Accounting treatments will impact your project cash flows and financial statements

You can engage our Tax and Accounting services on a combined basis or as separate service lines to meet your needs.

Items that could significantly affect the timing and size of your post-tax return are:


  • Application of IFRIC 12 including financial asset accounting;
  • Conversion from UK GAAP/PE GAAP to IFRS;
  • Leasing rules under IFRS 16;
  • Accounting treatment of refinancing; and
  • Accounting implications of Islamic finance.


  • Interest deductibility rules flowing from the OECD’S BEPS action plan 4;
  • Loss restriction rules;
  • VAT/GST/HST recoverability and associated cash flow timing;
  • Tax treatment of refinancing; and
  • Tax treatment of capital costs.

If this applies to you, we would be delighted to assist. Our dedicated and specialist Tax and Accounting team will help you in interpreting and applying the complex tax laws and accounting standards involved to ensure not only compliance but also that the solution is optimal for your project.  You can request our assistance on specific issues which you may encounter or we can provide comprehensive services across both Tax and Accounting.

As well as these advisory services, we can also provide Tax and Accounting due diligence services as part of Operis’s model audit offering.

Why come to Operis for Tax and Accounting Services?

The Operis name brings with it a sense of assurance to funders and equity holders due to our:

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