Spreadsheet Modelling for the Public Sector

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Public sector modelling concerns public spending and, as such, is subject to a level of scrutiny not often seen in the private sector. Analysts tasked with the preparation of business critical models need a range of spreadsheet modelling tools and techniques to provide assurance to those making the decisions based on these models.

This course has been developed in consultation with a number of key government departments, expanding on the principles outlined in the HMT Aqua book (2015). It provides your team with a grounding in analytical quality assurance and quality control, introducing them to the concepts and techniques of best spreadsheet modelling practice that comply with the leading modelling methodologies.

We have successfully delivered to government departments including the Department for Transport, the Ministry of Defence, Ofgem, Ofcom, and Defra.


This is one of the best training I have ever taken. The course is a key part of our offer[read more...]

Svitlana Voronkova Senior Analyst, Office for Research and Economics at Ofgem

You’ll learn:

  1. what good practice model development and design looks like;
  2. the skills and confidence required to inspect and review formulas;
  3. how to write good code: corkscrews, masks, switches and counters;
  4. how to run robust sensitivity and scenario analysis techniques; and
  5. how to record and write macros

Ideal course for

  • Public sector analysts who need to be compliant with a number of common modelling methodologies and standards, including Operis, FAST, SMART & ICAEW
  • Analysts in the civil service who want to get their modelling skills up to speed

Looking to run this course for your team?

Our team of expert trainers and L&D professionals can personalise this course to your specific business needs. If you’re not comfortably with face to face training right now, not a problem. We can blend and deliver our content in so many ways. On demand, live learning, webinars, coaching… have it your way.

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