Public Private Partnership (PPP-P3) Modelling

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  • 4 days in person
  • 8 half days online

We offer two versions of the course: European and North American to reflect the impact the tax difference has on the model.

This is the perfect course for those working on Public-private partnerships (PPPs) projects such as toll roads, rail and social infrastructure. By working through a PPP/P3 project case study, delegates will learn how to develop flexible and transparent models to evaluate the feasibility of a project and price it for the bid stage.

Course Overview

What to Expect

The course is broken into 4 sessions:

Setting up the model and main cash flow drivers    

Starting from a blank spreadsheet, delegates start by laying out the model structure and the main cashflows.

Timing, Tax and Capex  

Once the balance sheet has been balanced, delegates work on the project timing and tax calculations (from VAT tax to capital allowances).

Debt and Equity   

This session is focused on the funding structure using senior and subordinated debt as well as equity circularities.

Analysis and Setting the price  

The course ends with debt analysis using debt cover ratios and learning how to set the bidding price by using macros.

Suitable for

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Investors
  • Analysts
  • Developers
  • Bankers
Learning Outcomes

What are the learning outcomes?

  • A solid understanding of ‘best practice’ financial modelling techniques and skills
  • The knowledge and confidence to construct a robust PPP/P3 model
  • The ability to evaluate the feasibility of a new PPP project
  • Built your own ‘bidder’ model to predict project performance under a variety of scenarios and assumptions

Upcoming courses

We occasionally run pop-up courses that individuals can enrol on.

Price per person: £2400

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Introduction to the course

What to expect


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