Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects

Gain the vital skills and learn the specifics to effectively construct and analyse a financial model for a solar or wind plant project. By working through a renewable project case study, you’ll get hands-on experience learning and applying best practice methodologies for financing a wind or solar plant project.

Classes delivered by expert instructors who have trained the best modellers in the world.

Practical, real-world case studies to support your understanding.

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You’ll learn to:

  1. Construct a solar or wind farm project finance model from scratch and use it to perform a discounted cash flow analysis
  2. Assess the feasibility of a solar and wind plant project
  3. Build a revenue profile based on the agreed price, whether it be under a PPA or a regulated tariff scheme
  4. Model senior debt with a sculpted repayment profile to match a fixed cover ratio and ensure repayments follow the seasonality profile of your renewable project
  5. Adopt a rigorous quality control approach throughout the model development process

Ideal course for

  • Analysts who want to meet evolving employer expectations to be compliant with a number of international financial modelling methodologies and standards, including Operis, FAST, SMART & ICAEW.
  • Current financial analysts in Investment Banking, PE firms, or Hedge Funds who want to get their modelling skills up to speed with their colleagues working on renewable energy projects.
  • Aspiring financial analysts who want a boost to their CV and get a head start in a competitive job market.
  • Ambitious energy professionals looking to change career or perform financial modelling tasks more effectively.
  • Professionals who want to join an exclusive global Operis alumni association and create connections to keep their career progressing.

Course Dates


Course Date Timezone Price Register
Part 1 - Methodology & Techniques 16 – 19 Aug '21 BST £1200 Book now
Part 1 - Methodology & Techniques and Part 2 - Extended Techniques 16 – 26 Aug '21 BST £2400 Book now

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Learning from the best

Jonathan Swan

Jonathan has extensive training experience, having specialized in teaching the use of spreadsheets as a financial analysis tool almost since their inception.

During his 20+ years with the firm, he has developed and delivered a broad portfolio of project and corporate finance modelling courses.

Jonathan has trained financial analysts and managers in both the public and private sector globally.

He is also the author of one of the leading publications on financial modelling, ‘Practical Financial Modelling’.

Rui Sobreiros

Rui, who holds a Masters in Finance, is an experienced financial modelling trainer with a particular focus on the application of Excel macros in project finance models.

Training corporate users since 1995, he has also been involved in software development management and business analysis in financial products.

Rui is also the Product Manager of the Operis Analysis Kit (OAK), the leading Excel add-in modelling tool that helps save time, increase efficiency, and assist in the day-to-day development and review of complex spreadsheets.


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