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Building on the firm’s 25 year experience in project finance modelling, Operis is pleased to make available a PPP operating model template to aid UK asset managers in the monitoring of their PPP assets.

Developed by our team of expert modellers, including ‘ModelOff’ world champion Hilary Smart, the FREE Operating Model will save significant time and money when compared to the usual route of issuing an RFP, organising consultant selection committees and experiencing costly overruns. Using this alternate solution, implementing an operating model can be as easy as downloading the model, inserting the project’s inputs and balancing your balance sheet.

This operating model template is very intuitive and provides all the basic reports you would need, whether you want to:

– ease concerns regarding ongoing performance of an infrastructure asset, or

– you have acquired an asset and need a tool to monitor ongoing performance.

Elegance and simplicity in design

Whilst this model is not going to be appropriate for every situation, it has been designed using the industry leading Operis modelling style, ensuring elegance and simplicity in design.

To assist with implementing the model, a comprehensive user manual will aid the model developer and user alike. Furthermore, the helpful team at Operis will provide assistance to ensure you get up and going with the model and will offer reduced rates if the need exists for any specific changes to the model.

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