Everything you REALLY need to know about financial models in project finance

Operis’s latest eBook tackles teaching the most important project finance skills

Financial models are the beating heart of every project finance deal.

Whether you are a banker, financier, lawyer or commercial bid manager, interpreting a financial model quickly is invaluable to all participants in a deal.

Training in how to develop those models is widely available.  But for every person who regularly develops models, there might be another ten that are expected to read and make sense of the model’s projections.  For them, training in what they actually do, assimilating other people’s models, has been almost non-existent.

Until now.

In this eBook, the Operis team takes a look at the distinct challenges faced by bankers, financiers, lawyers, and commercial bid managers in operating in modern project finance, and the rapidly growing relevance modelling literacy is having to each of them.

Download our latest eBook to discover why modelling skills will be the most urgently needed project finance skillset in 2016 and into the future.