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  • Operis Free Operating Model – A game changer for PPP Asset Managers

    21 October 2016

    In our recent series of blog posts, we have examined the importance of operating models designed to track the performance of a PPP project against the original plan.

    At the beginning of a project this monitoring can be performed by adapting the model that was used to bid for or acquire the concession, and to raise the finance a short while afterwards. The contortions needed to do this get even more uncomfortable to the point that is standard practice sooner or later to replace the original model with a new spreadsheet focused on the day to day management of the asset.

    This interest continues through the entire remaining life of the asset and is relevant to pretty much everyone connected with the project, particularly:

    • public sector procurers seeking to keep the private partner accountable
    • banks or bond holders monitoring forecast coverage ratios for the debt they have provided
    • project promoters, funds and other holders of equity tracking performance against return targets.

    Operating models mirror the transactions they describe in ranging from the simple to the complex, but whatever their sophistication, they serve their purpose only if they are dependable and easy to understand.

    The team at Operis is pleased to make available a template style operating model for UK PPP assets, which builds on the firm’s 25-year experience in project finance modelling to provide asset managers with a sound solution to their operating model requirements.

    Developed by our team of expert modellers, including ‘ModelOff’ world champion Hilary Smart, our free UK PPP operating model will save significant time and money when compared to the tasks required to identify and appoint a modeller, pay for a model to be developed and deploy the result.

    The Operis operating model template is intuitive and provides all the basic reports you would need, whether:

    • you have particular concerns regarding an under-performing existing infrastructure asset, or
    • you have a more general need for a tool to monitor ongoing performance in an asset you have recently acquired.

    Operis Chairman, David Colver, says: “I am pleased to make available this free Operis PPP Operating Model. If you have limited resource and time, and require an operating model as a framework to suit your UK PPP project, this is an ideal starting point.”

    The straightforward and easy to use PPP Operating Model is available for download from the Operis website.  Follow this link to get access to your free PPP Operating Model.

    The team at Operis will ensure you can begin working with the model, and will also offer attractive rates if the need arises for any specific capability to be incorporated into the model.

    Don’t hesitate to call us if you want further information.
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