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Jean-Francis Strayer Director

Jean-Francis Strayer

Jean-Francis Strayer Director

Jean-Francis advises clients on Operis's project finance and infrastructure engagements across North America.

Jean-Francis Strayer has 12 years’ of experience as lead financial advisor and as lead modeller, supporting private partners and public sector players in the procurement and execution of large scale infrastructure projects across North America.

Jean-Francis has served as Director both in an investment banking context and as a financial advisor. His most recent engagements have been in support to private sector entities in the preparation of bids for P3 deals as well as for other structured finance transactions.

He has significant experience with infrastructure financing and procurement and is familiar with a wide array of industries. Jean-Francis has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of asset classes: mass-transit, roads tunnels and bridges (including modelling for toll and revenue risk), energy transactions including hydro, LNG, wind, solar and biomass (including PPA modelling), availability-based transactions for health, long-term care, public buildings, universities and education, as well as commercial, water, wastewater and residential real estate. His most recent deals include: the Whitehorse LNG conversion project, the Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant, Vancouver Port Authority’s Roberts Bank Terminal 2, the Montreal Lafontaine Tunnel, the Sainte-Justine Health Centre and the Alberta Health Services Laboratories procurement initiative.

Jean-Francis holds a Masters degree in Corporate Finance from Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV and a Masters in Management Accounting from the Toulouse Graduate School of Management.


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